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The Colors of Open Access

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According to open access advocates, there are two primary colors:

Green OA Self-Archiving: Authors self-archive the articles they publish in the 25,000 peer-reviewed journals


Gold OA Publishing:  authors publish in one of the c. 3000 OA journals (some still recovering costs through institutional subscriptions, others through author/institutional publication charges) You can find these titles in the Directory of Open Access Journals
Green and Gold Open Access

Writing in 2006Karen M. Albert of the Talbot Research Library, Fox Chase Cancer Center, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, predicted a combination of the following  to resolve the serials pricing crisis:

  • development of more OA (“gold” road) and SPARC-type (lower subscription cost) journals, that over time gain in stature and impact to provide true competition with traditional established titles
  • increased implementation of institutional repositories (IRs) and self-archiving, enabled by further development of effective finding tools like OAIster and Google Scholar
  • more funders mandating deposit of grant-supported manuscripts in free archives like PubMed Central

Seems like Karen made a good prediction!


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