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Twitter is such a great resource for discovering what others discover.  Someone in the twittersphere mentioned the open access publisher Hindawi, and after my assessment of Dove Press earlier this week,  I just had to take a deeper look into yet another emerging open access publisher.

So I put the website into the Wayback Machine to see where it came from. Hindawi originated more than a decade ago with editorial offices in Egypt and Stony Brook, NY, trying to get find a market for servicing electronic journal production.  Co-existing in their infancy with the founding of  PLoS and BioMed Central, Hindawi  seemed to be trying traditional subscription models for their electronic journals through 2005, and around 2006 Hindawi started to host both open access and subscription journals.  2007 was even more of a transition year, with both subscription and open journals, as well as print editions of open access electronic journals. According to founder Ahmed Hindawi, 2007 also marked the year the last two Hindawi subscription journals were converted to open access.

The full, unambiguous embrace of gold open access occured with their new web site template in 2008:

“The following is a list of newly launched peer-reviewed, open access journals currently open for submission. Hindawi publishes a collection of peer-reviewed, open access journals covering several areas in Engineering, Life Sciences, Mathematics, and Physical Sciences. All articles published in Hindawi journals are open access and distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited.

Compared to Dove, PLoS, and BioMed Central, the article processing charges for Hindawi are much lower and vary per journal in the $600-$800 range for more than 200 open access journals.  No doubt the lower charges reflect the lower production costs in Egypt. Print subscriptions to their open access journals for a nominal fee.

Ahmed Hindawi(2007)

In 2007 Hindawi entered into a publishing partnership with SAGE Publications in order to jointly develop a collection of open access journals, which are hosted on the SAGE-Hindawi platform. I think there is a future for Hindawi.  I sense a very competitive open access publisher.

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