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Berlin Academic: Bloomsbury Publishing’s Partner for Open Access E-books

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Siobhan O’Leary, writing in the Publishing Perspectives blog, draws our attention in English to a new German initiative posted in  Berlin Academic (Berlin Verlag).  I started to dig around the web and found a presentation by Colin Steele which described the Bloomsbury Publishing partnership with Berlin Verlag that aims to establish a new media-rich publishing platform.  Here are a couple of those slides:



Here is a description from September 2008 in Library Journal.  This article claimed that “Bloomsbury Academic will initially publish in the humanities and social sciences, releasing approximately 50 new titles by the end of 2009.”  So where are the open access titles?  Some current ones in PDF format are here, indicated with the Creative Commons logo.  The new publishing platform is expected to launch any day now, in early 2010.  Stay tuned…


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