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In our Madoff age, are there open publishing imitators?

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Remember a couple of years ago when there were smart and careful investors that nevertheless were tempted by the promise of easy money and a facade of offices and statements that masked a scheme that only truly rewarded the perpetrator? Now we have a term for a possible confidence game being played on scientists seeking a fast track to scholarly publishing: predatory open access publishing.

Michael Cairns’ Personanondata blog article on predatory open access  publishing was based on an article in The Charleston Advisor by Jeffrey Beall. The article is a comparative review that provides a criteria based comparison and rating of nine emerging  gold (author pays) open access publishers. The Charleston Advisor also maintains a collection of their own open access articles, including this review.

Just who are the accused?

Academic Journals, Inc.

Scientific Journals International

I checked all of these in my institutional subscription of Journal Citation Reports(JCR), the current 2008 edtion.   None we listed as an included publisher.   It normally takes two years for cited journal articles to get JCR tabulation.   I guess this lends credibility to the possible “grab-and-run” that happens when authors offer large fees in exchange for expedited editing (like Madoff’s fake account statements, an author may accept whatever acknowledgement of peer review is provided without much scrutiny).

I did already flag Dove Press in my popular Amy Bishop family authoring post.

Because of “publish or perish” pressures and growing competition for the limited space in top-shelf journals, there is undoubtedly temptation for authors to listen to what they want to hear from a new, attractive, empathetic pitch.   I will contact Jeffrey and ask what, if any,  communication has taken place since his evaluations were published.


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