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eIFL reports on open content licenses in developing countries

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eIFL.net is an international not-for-profit organization building partnerships with libraries around the world to enable sustainable access to high quality digital information for people in developing and transition countries.  Like SPARC in the U.S., eIFL.net was originallystarted to address the serials pricing crisis in  academic and research libraries in Central and Eastern Europe. eIFL.net currently partners with libraries and library consortia in over 45 developing and transition countries in Africa, Asia and Europe with common goals of leveraging open knowledge for local prosperity and increasing educational opportunities.

eIFL’s  recent report on the implementation of open content licenses in developing and transition countries, compiled by eIFL open access program manager Iryna Kuchma,  is now available on eIFLnet.

What are some of the facts revealed by this report?

Please see the report for other evidence uncovered by Iryna’s analysis.  There are also short individual case studies on 14 of the countries represented in the report.  As I have visited Armenia two years ago, it was interesting to see the seeds of open access represented in their report:

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