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Need a policy model for an academic open access repository? U. of Ottawa’s got it.

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I saw the announcement on resourceshelf.com about The University of Ottawa Press decision to launch a new open access collection of 36 UOP books will be available free to the online community in the University of Ottawa’s institutional repository, uO Research,  including both French and English-language in-print titles in the arts, humanities and social sciences.  Curious about the representation of biomedicine in uO Research, I took a look at the repository.

Developed in collaboration with the University of Ottawa Library, this open access collection uses customizable DSpace opensource software, leveraging a mature product with over 900 implementation sites around the world.  One of the standard attributes of a DSpace repository is the ability to define “communities” with tagging to encourage the displaying and browsing of similar items under a department or theme.  It was easy to see that uO Research has been initially organized around academic division faculty, the Library, the University of Ottawa Press, and their electronic thesis repository collection.

I found the Faculté de médecine // Faculty of Medicine community collection to be a small but promising collection of institutional productivity, combining classic search and discovery:  full text searching,  specialized collection links, and new deposits labeled as news:

There is no limitation to the variety of potential communities, but the management of potential growth depends on articulating and adhering to policy.

I was particularly impressed by the description of  library and  academic partnership  with an emphasis that all stateholders understand and agree to the policies and procedures, available  in this clear and unambiguous format and with a clear contact person (throughout the site).

This statement is an excellent policy model for academic institutions in their own planning phase for the green variety of open access.

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