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Digital.CSIC from the Spanish National Research Council

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I just added Digital.CSIC, the Institutional Repository of the Spanish National Research Council, to this blog’s  link blogroll, as they just reached the admirable accomplishment of hosting 25,000 items September 16, 2010.

At the 2010 IFLA Conference, a poster session was also presented on this repository.  Some facts from the poster include:

Digital.CSIC is the institutional repository of the Spanish National Research Council resulting from the signing of the Berlin Declaration by CSIC Presidency in 2006
• Digital.CSIC was launched in January 2008 to organise, preserve and maximise access to CSIC research centrally.
• Digital.CSIC is a CSIC Libraries Coordination Unit initiative
• The 147 CSIC research centers and institutes and its 78 specialized libraries take part
Digital.CSIC runs on DSpace.
Here is the division of scholarly deposits at its current growth stage, which is taken from the monitor on the Digital.CSIC web page:

Great start for the green open access momentum of biosciences, with nearly 2000 biology and biomedicine deposits.


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