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The predator InTechWeb: Give away what you would never sell

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I really don’t care if InTechWeb has published 340+ books, 25,000+ authors, +2.5 million downloaded papers, all of them open access.

InTechWeb-The Predator

I also don’t care that there are 25,029 persons in Facebook that claim to like them.

There are places in the world, during these hard economic times, that specialize in creating a virtual population or marketing campaign for compensation.  Where you can pay people to click and download, even create email and facebook accounts, in order to present a facade of acceptability.  When you give your product away, there is no recourse to object and ask for a refund if what you find turns out to be sloppy, scientifically inferior, or perhaps dangerous.  But I am disturbed that more members of the open access advocacy community are not shining a brighter flashlight on InTechWeb.

The only thing that is real, I believe, are the authors.  Maybe some of them really believe that this is a genuine open access publisher. Let’s accept for the moment the claim that InTechWeb has 7,500 authors.  This operation is, after all, subsidized by author processing charges (APC):  “With regards to your payments, InTech will provide a secure payment gateway to help you complete your payment safely and securely keeping your personal, professional and fnancial informaton safe.”

I can only find a visible page with an APC of 840 EUROS ($1165) for InTech journal articles, but we can probably assume a similar fee is presented to all authors, as these InTech books are little more than article anthologies.  Let’s say that each author paid $1165 for their first article or book chapter.  We are talking about more that $8,000,000

Imagine how you would amass a fortune in an online publishing pyramid…In a classic multilevel marketing scheme, someone with the intent to enrich themselves would induce APC authors invested in their scholarship with a reward to find new authors that could pay the initation fee, or first APC.  Perhaps the reward to an author forming a down-line would be compensation or discount for every new author that is recruited.  And in classic multilevel marketing, when the scheme collapses, the new authors that just paid the full APC for a misrepresented product fear the embarrassment from their mistaken judgement and simply walk away with a loss and keep quiet.  This is just my imagination, of course.

When InTechWeb announced their most recent set of book releases, I just had to take a closer look at the one biomedical title:  Modern Pacemakers – Present and Future.   Looking at the first chapter, Information Technology Aspects of Integrated Cardiac Rhythm Disease Management, I noticed a computer-generated list of related articles to the left:

Intech- Predator

Do you see anything related to cardiac rhythm disease management?   Let’s see, we have Fungicide Effectiveness, Urban Flood Control, Sustainable Fisheries Management, etc

InTechWeb seems to be about style more than substance.  Not much depth.  Less than careful editing.  It kind of makes sense that they would give away what they would be hard-pressed to sell.


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4 Responses

  1. Hisham Hamid Hawass February 28 2012 @ 05:38

    I can’t really find a reason not to publish in In Tech.
    I’ve been invited to write down a chapter in their forthcoming book ‘business management’. I had the opportunity to look at the proposals submitted to the editor in chief. they all fit well within the scope of the studies. Besides, the editor in chief has sufficient experience in this scope of interest.

  2. cjgberg February 28 2012 @ 22:42

    It’s a free country…I mean a free world, and it is your funds paying the CPC (Chapter Processing Charge). I strongly recommend you stay away from anyone on this list.

  3. Julian June 15 2012 @ 22:32

    From what I know, they don’t charge authors from third world countries.

    Elsevier are just as bad (if not worse) in my opinion. The subscription fees are horrendous.

  4. AAS July 19 2012 @ 06:51

    I have write a review for one of the Intech books. All Authors in this book have a high reputation in the field and great publication record. They charged me for 500 euros (much less than any other publication indexed in JCR) and I also got a hard copy of the book. the charter have been downloaded more than 700 times, all over the world, in just one year. I do not see anything worst than any other high impact publication. Actually I do think it works fine.

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