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Let’s put Open Medicine through the OAER scale

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To refresh your memory, I created a crude methodology to evaluate the editorial team of an open access journal called  the OAER (Open Access Editorial Rating) Score. This is a recipe that combines average H-index for all editors, add the number of editors that signed the  Budapest Open Access Initiative, then add the number of published editorials in the last calendar year.
Open MedicineOpen Medicine is a peer-reviewed, open access journal published with the Open Journal Systems (OJS) Management software, distributed by the  Public Knowledge Project at Simon Frasier University in British Columbia. Published since 2007, Open Medicine features a competing interest policy and began to levy an author publication charge after March 1, 2010.  This journal’s policies are a model of completeness.  Let’s see how the editiorial team rates under OAER.

1. Add up the H index calculations for all of the editors, then take the average

Editors of Open Medicine

Stephen Choi 1
Anita Palepu 25
Claire Kendall 2
Sally Murray 3
Susan Brien 10
James Brophy 23
Bill Cameron 1
William A. Ghali 41
Dean Giustini 3
John Hoey 3
Kapil Khatter 0
Tarek Loubani 0
James Maskalyk 4
Anne Marie Todkill 3
Michelle Greiver 4
David Moher 57

2. Calculate the number of editors that signed the  Budapest Open Access Initiative

Editors of Open Medicine- BOAI Signatories

EDITOR Signatory
Stephen Choi No
Anita Palepu No
Claire Kendall No
Sally Murray No
Susan Brien No
James Brophy No
Bill Cameron No
William A. Ghali No
Dean Giustini No
John Hoey No
Kapil Khatter No
Tarek Loubani No
James Maskalyk No
Anne Marie Todkill No
Michelle Greiver No
David Moher No
Total 0

2. Calculate the number of editorials written in 2010

Open Medicine is indexed in PubMed
Open Medicine’s ghost and guest authorship policy
Pharmaceutical industry representation on CIHR’s governing council
Opening Pandora’s box: Public declaration of competing interests

Tobacco control and the collateral damage of conflict of interest

TOTAL Editorials: 5

Open Medicine OAER (Open Access Editorial Rating) Score

Rating Criteria Score
H Index Average 11.25
BOAI Editor Pledges 0
Editorials in 2010 5
TOTAL 16.25

I am particularly pleased with editiorial count.  Yet this is the second journal I have tried this evaluation on, and neither had a single individual that is a signatory of the Budapest Open Access Initiative.   I guess I should look at who are the 5427 individuals and 542 organizations that have added their names to the initiative.
Anyway, in my first two tries, Open Medicine is rated higher for editorial open access, compared to Reproductive Health.

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  1. Claire Kendall April 13 2011 @ 15:13

    This is fabulous, thank you! And you are absolutely correct re BOAI – I just officially included us as an organization. Claire

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