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It was back to basics night for me, checking in on the rate of manuscript deposits. Here is today’s picture if the NIH Manuscript Submission System usage by month (chart represents the number of manuscripts received by NIHMS and approved for processing by the author/PI for a given month) and a link to their page for statistics:

NIMHS Statistics

There is also a link to CSV spreadsheet data that you can download to see the exact numbers. Here’s the numbers for the last year of record (through October 2010).

2009-12 4218
2010-01 4911
2010-02 5762
2010-03 6698
2010-04 5993
2010-05 6258
2010-06 6174
2010-07 5370
2010-08 5249
2010-09 5669
2010-10 5720

Journals That Submit All NIH-Funded Final Published Articles to PubMed Central ( relieving the author of their individual responsibility) are listed on this page. Which journals have begun this hospitable routine for their authors in 2011?

* Open access biomedical journals

Over 1,000 journals provide this convenience to authors of NIH research.


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