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HIFA2015 needs open access to the latest research findings

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The HIFA2015 campaign is grounded in the right to health and the right to receive safe, effective healthcare.

Today, 1.3 billion people lack access to basic health care services. And many more are at risk of receiving poor quality care. A major contributing factor is lack of access to relevant, reliable healthcare information.

From HIFA2015 and human rights


HIFA2015 is a global campaign and knowledge network of many health professions beyond clinicians, including publishers, librarians, information technologists, and  journalists, working together towards goals established in 2006:

  • By 2015, every person worldwide will have access to an informed health care provider.
  • People will no longer be dying for lack of knowledge.
  • HIFA2015 contributes to the broader goal of the Global Health Workforce Alliance: ‘All people everywhere will have access to a skilled, motivated and supported health worker, within a robust health system’.

Global Health Alliance

“Skilled, motivated, and supported” health workers will make the greater HIFA2015 goals of global improved health care attainable, and nothing motivates workers like access to the most current knowledge like that found in publications like PLoS Neglected Tropical Diseases, the respected open-access journal devoted to the world’s most neglected tropical diseases that figure prominently in front-line health care. 

Green open access, author repository-deposited peer-reviewed copies of accepted subscription articles in a local or cooperative institutional repository, can also provide access to recent original research findings, provided that information professionals like librarians can organize links to such green copies in local electronic collections or even print collections that are more popular in community health areas that lack a robust network infrastructure.

I know that the publisher Springshare has readily shared their LibGuide product to enable the building of local online resource pages in some economically challenged library settings, allowing librarians to build their own links to the most useful open materials, often in collaboration with teaching faculty.  If Springshare is not an official publishing partner of HIFA2015 , they should be.


As open access copies of contemporary research expand and become organized, the research component of health worker practice will become a basis for local therapeutic interventions, policy discussion, and clinical guidelines.  HIFA2015 needs crucial scientific underpinning for safe and effective health care.


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