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Open Research Computation journal: Waiting for your submissions

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Open Research Computation

Open Research Computation is a new open access journal launched on the BioMed Central (BMC) platform. Here’s the description of what to expect:

open-research-computationSo who is the competition for this new journal?

Probably the greatest competition for this new journal, at least from my perspective of biomedicine, will come from BMC itself: BMC Bioinformatics is a well-established open access journal seeking “all aspects of the development, testing and novel application of computational and statistical methods for the modeling and analysis of all kinds of biological data, as well as other areas of computational biology.”  BMC Bioinformatics is also a top-10 impact factor journal in the category of Mathematical and Computational Biology.

So what does Open Research Computation offer as incentive?  Several of the most outspoken supporters of open science on their editorial board, including Editor in Chief Cameron Neylon,  advocate for open science. He explains the founding Open Research Computation (ORC) by emphasizing open source licensed reproducibility:

The primary consideration for publication in ORC is that your code must be capable of being used, re-purposed, understood, and efficiently built on. You work must be reproducible. In short, we expect the computational work published in ORC to deliver at the level that is expected in experimental research.

So now we eagerly await the first articles…this event is a nice complement to the post I did on the fledgling open hardware movement.



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