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Important update on NCBI Images, no longer a database

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I think those that appreciated my original post on NCBI images want to  know how to find the images, now that NCBI images has disappeared as a separate database.
The National Library of Medicine (NLM) actually updated the original October 22, 2010 Technical Bulletin announcement article with an editor’s note on July 22nd:

[Editor’s Note added July 20, 2011: The Images database no longer exists as a separate database. Images in PubMed Central® articles may now be searched via PubMed Central. For more details, please see "A Brand New Look for PubMed Central".]

You can now find images in PMC articles through a simple PMC search.  Here is NCBI’s example:

NCBI image result

There are, however, a couple of important exceptions:   images will not appear for searches that use the  Limits or Advanced Search features for searching. If you want to see a live presentation of the new format, click here to perform a search for West Nile Virus in PubMed Central.  Some very attractive images appear in the side bar, displayed like this and opening up on mouse-over into an enlarged view with descriptive captioning (this is a static image below, but you can link to the page with mouse-over capabilities by clicking on the image):

PMC result for West Nile VirusWith the demise of the database, gone is the contentious presentation of “highly cited” images on the opening page of the former database.  “Highly cited” designations are created by all kinds of commercial publishing variations, and I guess it made sense to NCBI that they should not be in that business.   The important thing is that the images found in the PubMed Central  taxpayer-funded repository can be discovered, and certainly the discovery of relevant images will lead to the discovery of additional articles.



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