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Elsevier’s gold, green, and hybrid open access…a triple play to change perception?

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Elsevier's Open Access Logo

Elsevier’s Open Access Logo

I noticed a press-release article announcing a new Elsevier open access journal, Molecular Metabolism, that will feature one of my Yale faculty colleagues, Tamas Horvath,  as an  editor.  Because of the competition with new top tier journals like eLife that have waived article processing charge (APC) for their first three years, Molecular Metabolism  has waived the APC for all 2012 and 2013 submissions. The charge for publication will eventually be $2,000 (USD).

Molecular Metabolism

I also found a page on Elsevier’s website that lists their growing list of more than 30 open access journals. Here are the links and the descriptions provided.

Journal Title Description
Applied & Translational Genomics
Biomedical journal publishing cutting edge research and new developments in applied and translational genomics.
Case Studies in Engineering Failure Analysis
Rapid publication of short, structured case studies and related short communications.
Cancer Treatment Communications
Publishing communications, case reports and other short form papers that report clinical research or improve clinical practice knowledge in oncology.
Cell Reports
Publishing high quality papers across the entire life sciences spectrum.
Epilepsy & Behavior: Case Reports
Rapid publication of case reports on the behavioral aspects of seizures and epilepsy.
EuPA Open Proteomics
Publishes research on all aspects of proteomics, from basic to translational proteomics, including bioinformatics and data processing.
FEBS Open Bio
Publishing research across all molecular and cellular life sciences in both health and disease.
Gynecologic Oncology Case Reports
Publishes case reports that concern tumors of the female reproductive tract.
International Journal for Parasitology: Drugs and Drug Resistance
Publishes the results of original research in the area of anti-parasite drug identification, development and evaluation, and parasite drug resistance.
International Journal for Parasitology: Parasites and Wildlife
Publishes the results of original research on parasites of all wildlife, invertebrate and vertebrate.
International Journal of Surgery Case Reports
General surgical journal dedicated to publishing case reports.
Journal of Cancer Policy
Publishes research and reviews on global cancer policy encompassing all aspects of cancer policy and public health.
Journal of Pediatric Surgery Case Reports
Publishing case reports which will provide the most current source of information and references in pediatric surgery.
Leukemia Research Reports
Publishing research relevant to all health care professionals involved in basic and (or) applied clinical research in leukemias, lymphomas, multiple myeloma and other hematologic malignancies.
Materials Today
Leading open access journal proving a gateway to materials science.
Medical Mycology Case Reports
Devoted to the publication of case reports that concern unusual medical or veterinary fungal infections.
Molecular Metabolism
Serves as a platform for reporting breakthroughs from all stages of the discovery and development of novel and improved personalized medicines for obesity, diabetes and associated diseases.
Neuroimage: Clinical
Provides a vehicle for communicating important advances in the study of abnormal structure-function relationships of the human nervous system based on imaging.
Perspectives in Medicine
Publication of concise and well-defined medical topics, each delivered as a distinct topical issue.
Perspectives in Science
Publication of concise and well-defined scientific topics, each delivered as a distinct topical issue.
Publishes original research and review contributions within the fast growing field of photoacoustics (optoacoustics) and thermoacoustics.
Physics of the Dark Universe
Focused on the understanding of the nature of Dark Matter and Dark Energy covering all theoretical, experimental and phenomenological aspects.
Redox Biology
Forum for novel research, methods and review articles in redox biology in the areas of both health and disease.
Respiratory Medicine Case Reports
Respiratory journal dedicated to publishing case reports.
Results in Immunology
Online only journal covering all aspects of immunology.
Results in Pharma Sciences
Online only journal covering all aspects of pharmaceutical sciences.
Results in Physics
Online only journal covering all aspects of physics.
Stem Cell Reports
Publishing research presenting conceptual or practical advances across the breadth of stem cell research and its applications to medicine.
Translational Proteomics
Covering all areas of human proteomics using multi-disciplinary approaches to untangle complex disease processes.
Trials in Vaccinology
This journal guarantees direct public access to the results of vaccine trials in humans and target animals.
Water Resources and Industry
Aims to bridge the existing gap existing in the field of the role industry plays in the exploitation, management and treatment of water resources.

Elsevier is also highlighting opportunities to pay an APC fee in one of 1500 subscription journals, the so-called hybrid option that keeps certain articles available to non-subscribers.  It appears that the unwelcome publicity generated by the Cost of Knowledge petition of 13229 researchers refusing to do editorial work or publish with Elsevier has generated a revised corporate strategy to gain back some hearts and minds.  To its credit, Elsevier remains the largest commercial publisher with an unambiguous green light for any author to self-deposit pre-print and other conditional versions of authored works in open access green spaces.  Here’s the summary, which you can click on to visit the page:




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  1. T Scott January 31 2013 @ 16:39

    I would be cautious about suggesting that the petition generated a “revised corporate strategy.” Elsevier has been dipping their very cautious toe into OA waters for quite some time. And while the petition certainly got their attention, based on conversations I had with some of the Elsevier leadership in the spring of 2012, they were more likely to delay some of the OA initiatives they had in the works because they did not want to seem to be acting solely in response to the petition. While the petition raised concerns at the senior leadership level I’ve seen nothing to indicate that it has generated any shift in overall corporate strategy.

  2. OpenBiomed January 31 2013 @ 23:53

    I really appreciate your perspective. When more than 13K academics and students just say no, concerns should translate into more than just hunkering down. I appreciate Elsevier’s support for research4life.

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