Fall Weather Fashion Tips That Are Both Functional and Fashionable

Fall Fashion

Fall Weather Fashion Tips That Are Both Functional and Fashionable

The seasons are beginning to shift, the heat of summer quietly giving way to the cold light of fall. The quest to prepare for hibernation begins for some animals, the green begins to bruise a colorful orange, and shorts begin to grow down the legs, soon to bloom into jeans. The beauty of nature at work.

Except that last one was a bit of poetic prose: your shorts don’t grow, which means it’s time for a wardrobe change! So, to brace yourself for the coming brisk, here are some functional but fashionable tips for your fall outfit.


Boots are the ultimate fashion item, period. But on the off-chance that you need convincing, women’s boots are stylish, they’re comfortable, and they’re sturdy enough to weather the cold and a lot of other conditions in general. So whether we are talking about ankle height, knee-high, or a killer pair that goes all the way up the thigh, you can’t beat a kicking pair of boots.


See, we weren’t just chatting nonsense about shorts growing like flowers — we were working our way into talking about jeans!

There is very little that can go wrong with a pair of jeans. They are versatile and will keep you warm during the chillier days. Jeans are also versatile and will go with just about anything. So skinny, baggy, ripped, or clean, any jeans are good jeans.


Can we talk about cardigans for a second? Cardigans are great because they’ve got long sleeves but are light enough to not be too heavy for slightly warmer fall days. So they’re the perfect “it’s the good kind of cold where I’m having fun being outside” kind of outfit piece. Plus, they match perfectly with the other items already listed to give off that wonderful, cozy fall vibe.


There’s still a pandemic going on, so masks are a mainstay for now. Look, think of it this way, if it keeps going on like this, then masks will be a staple of fashion anyway, so you might as well set a trend by making them look good! There are plenty of fashionably designed masks that display colorful prints to accent what you’re wearing.

It also isn’t just about not spreading diseases. Masks keep your face warm, too. With a scarf and a mask and a hat of some sort, you’re all bundled up! Speaking of which…!


If there’s one thing that says fall more than brown leaves and crisp air, it’s scarves. In addition to their functionality, there are virtually unlimited patterns and fabrics from which to choose. So if you are looking for something to pull together that perfect fall outfit and give it some flair, you need to look no further than scarves.


You could do a baker boy, a wide brim, beanie, or a beret if you’re feeling fancy. The important thing is that you’re keeping your head warm, looking stylish, and they’re great on days where you don’t have time to fix your hair.


Maybe you’ve tried the cardigan, jeans, boots, and hats, but you’re still just a little too cold or otherwise not that confident in the way the combo makes you look. That’s okay because sweaters are here to give you that extra heat and protection from judging eyes. Now sweaters as a term can run the gamut, so to speak, so we’d recommend fleece or knit sweaters in specific. Even more specifically, depending on what you’re going for, perhaps some drop shoulder sweaters would do you good? Maybe you’re the type who can pull off turtleneck sweaters? Do not be afraid to explore the wonderful world of sweaters!


Let’s run with the argument that technically, wearing darker colors absorbs more heat and keeps you warmer. So we can say it’s still perfectly functional to go for burgundies and greys. Or maybe you’re too hot and would prefer the chills of whites while also throwing in a few shades of grey? The important thing is to find the darker colors that match your skin and hair colors and stick with those.

There you have it! Some great tips to get you started on an autumn outfit that will be as protective as it will be stylish. Don’t be afraid to change things up. You may find a combination that you never knew would suit you.