Giving CBD and Other Health Product Gifts over the Holidays

CBD Gifts

Giving CBD and Other Health Product Gifts over the Holidays

The holidays are coming. You may be desperately trying to come up with last-minute gift ideas. This can be especially tricky if the remaining recipients on your gift list are health enthusiasts. With that in mind, we’ve got some suggestions on some CBD and health product gifts you can give over the holidays.

CBD Gifts

The great news is that there’s a CBD-infused version of almost everything you can think of, and a lot of them are perfect as gifts.


CBD-infused coffee not only has wellness benefits, but it also has an immediate benefit for those who like to have more than a few cups at a time. While CBD doesn’t diminish the effectiveness of the coffee, it takes away the jitters that come after one too many cups. That’s a pretty nice selling point.


Everyone knows what you do with honey. It’s good on toast, it’s good for your anxiety, and it’s a healthy sweetener alternative! Win-win-win. So you add CBD to that honey, and you’ve got something special.


One of the most diverse CBD products on the market today is CBD gummies. These fun and tasty treats are infused with potent amounts of CBD, and they come in all kinds of flavors and shapes. You can find CBD gummy bears, sours, watermelon wedges, and, yes, gummy worms. So if you are looking for a great idea for a stocking stuffer, they certainly fit the bill (or the stocking).

Other Health Products

Of course, CBD is not the only health element on the metaphorical periodic table of health. Essential oils are all the rage these days. You could also look for skincare products, or shampoos, or bottles of water-flavorers with those good electrolytes in them. If you need specifics, we have them for you:

Body Wash

Nothing like a good start to a morning made even better with an unmistakable feeling of freshness accompanied by some very nice smells. Body wash is a simple yet effective gift, one that keeps on giving.

Bed Sheets

Alright, it’s not the flashiest gift you could ever give someone, but it’s no less important to the overall health of the person receiving it! Statistically speaking, people spend a third of their lives sleeping in bed. So there’s no reason they should sleep on something gross and uncomfortable, especially if they have trouble with acne or general sleep quality. After all, quality of sleep is vital to a healthy person!

Pillow Spray

What’s this, you might be asking? Remember how we talked about the quality of sleep and the importance of such in a holistic health regimen? This is a type of fragrance spray that you apply on a pillow to help induce sleep!


Health and wellbeing don’t stop with a healthy body, you know. It’s just as important to keep one’s mind clear, focused, and balanced. One of the best ways of doing that is to keep a daily journal, write down one’s thoughts and give a new perspective to them, or simply unload them so you can think of something else. It’s one of the first things therapists recommend, and it’s a perfect holiday gift.

Oil Diffusers

A little way back, we mentioned essential oils. Well, one easy way to get the juices flowing is to put that oil into diffusers, which dispense it into the air for a nice blanket of aromatherapy. Then, use them along with a soothing bath, or a calm reading session, or any other situation where you can fully appreciate the wonderful ambiance.

Light-Based Alarm Clock

Another sleep-based wellness product, but for the afterparty! Instead of a loud, air-horn type noise to wake one up in the morning, why not have an alarm clock that uses a gradual change in lighting, using the body’s natural rhythms to tell the brain it’s time for another day?

Incense/Incense Holders

Perhaps your gift recipient is a fan of aromatherapy but just needs that extra little something to tie it all together, like a thin, wispy trail of smoke rising gently towards the ceiling. Well, that is not a problem: incense is one of the longest-running aromatherapy methods in the world, and for a good reason!

Happy Shopping! And be sure to take the time to enjoy the season yourself!