Does CBD Have Any Negative Side Effects?

Does CBD Have Any Negative Side Effects?

How CBD Can Negatively Impact Users

Cannabidiol oil, commonly known as CBD oil, has greatly contributed to the evolution of modern medicine. CBD is a strain of marijuana without the psychedelic element, THC, and can be used for a number of ailments, including anxiety, depression, and pain relief. With the widespread use of CBD for both humans of different ages and now even pets, the benefits are apparent. But what about the potential side effects? The side effects of this medicine, like most medicines, can have both a minor and major effect on the user.

Issues with Digestion

CBD oil is commonly used to increase appetite in people who have problems eating. However, it can also create problems with digestion. Studies have shown that FDA-regulated CBD medicines has been linked to nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and unwanted weight loss. While it may be the CBD dosage or being intermingled with other ingredients in its medicinal form, the drug is negatively impacting people’s digestive system and making them sick.

It is important to talk with a healthcare professional prior to use regarding any existing digestive issues you may have to avoid any internal disagreement. It is also good to understand your digestive system condition to ensure your body won’t reject the medicinal benefits altogether.


Many people use CBD oil for inducing sleep and to eliminate insomnia. While this can be good for people trying to go to sleep, this medicine can be harmful to people who use it for other uses, like pain relief. For instance, if you are at work and have a shoulder issue, taking CBD oil may eliminate the pain, however, it can cause drowsiness and affect your ability to operate heavy machinery or driving. For this reason, it is important to try using this as a medicine in an environment that, in case you do become drowsy or tired, you can lay down.

This also applies to people who combine caffeine and CBD oil. While many people use CBD oil to relax while drinking their morning coffee or tea, this medicine can cause fatigue, which is counterproductive, and dangerous in some cases, if you are trying to complete a task.

Lower Blood Pressure

For people already suffering from low blood pressure, this may not be the medicine for you. CBD oil is a natural blood thinner, which will further lower your blood pressure and can have very harmful effects. In addition to affecting the blood pressure, CBD can interfere with the efficiency of low blood pressure medications.

Similar to how certain fruit juices, like grapefruit juice, are known for impacting the ability for medications to work, CBD oil can have the same effect. Speak with your doctor about the effects CBD oil can have on the prescription medications you previously take, as mixing them with this oil can be fatal.

Dry Mouth

Dry mouth is a symptom that appears to be minor. However, saliva plays a big role in maintaining overall health. Saliva is oral lubrication that helps break down food for proper digestion. Saliva also neutralizes harmful bacteria, acids, and other substances that are swallowed while eating. Saliva also acts as a film that covers the teeth and gums as a defense against bacteria collection, which causes plaque buildup.

While those purposes may not seem very important, they can impact a lot of oral function. For instance, if you do not produce enough saliva, it becomes difficult to swallow food. If there is a lack of saliva, tooth decay and bacteria will easily take over because remineralization will no longer occur. As tooth decay erodes the enamel, your teeth can become brittle and will either fall out or have to be professionally repaired. Losing your teeth is detrimental for eating, speaking, and will even change your facial structure. Up to 12% of CBD oil users suffer from dry mouth.

Liver Damage

CBD oil dosages can cause liver problems. People who take anti-seizure medication also increase the probability of liver damage. Studies have shown that people taking CBD oil for seizures are up to 25% more likely to have liver problems. So if you are suffering from seizures, consult a physician about the potential risk you’re taking by introducing CBD into your regimen.

Immune System Repression

CBD has medicinal benefits. However, it can also impact the immune system efficiency. When T cells multiply, it helps to build the immune system, which fights inflammation and infections. For people who already suffer from inflammatory illnesses or have immune system deficiencies, like arthritis and HIV/AIDS, their immune systems are further compromised, which can be fatal in some cases. People with weaker immune systems should avoid CBD oil.

Proper CBD Oil Use


CBD oil can be great natural medicine, but it depends on the dosage, quality, and your current health conditions. For people who suffer from immunodeficiency disorders or have issues that require prescription medication, it is important to seek professional advice prior to self-medicating. For side effects like dry mouth, it is important for you to maintain a healthy diet. Drinking water and eating vitamin and mineral-enriched foods will help increase oral health.

Healthy practices in conjunction with using CBD oil will also enhance the effect of this medicine. Even for healthy individuals, properly research and consult a physician prior to taking CBD oil, especially since all oils are not created equal. Understanding the concentration and dosages of these drugs will help you get the benefits with the least amount of irritability, fatigue, and other risk factors.

Also, properly researching CBD oil options is important for people who work. Taking CBD typically has trace amounts of THC, but not enough to show up on a drug test. Make sure when taking CBD oil that the amount of THC is minimal, otherwise, you may be putting your livelihood at risk. In addition to drug tests, drug dogs can pick up on CBD oil if THC levels are high.