How to make homemade CBD oil

How to make homemade CBD oil

CBD oil is growing in popularity, and you can buy it from several places. However, if you prefer to know exactly where your products are coming from, especially those you consume, have you ever thought about making your own? Much like anything else you do yourself at home, it can be enjoyable, as well as being cost-effective to do.

Different ways of making your own CBD oil at home

When you are learning how to make CBD oil, remember it isn’t that complex. In fact, there are a few common methods to making your own CBD oil, and using those methods, you could even adapt it to make other things at home such as coconut oil.

CBD is commonly used because it is legal and there are no psychoactive ingredients like THC involved. There is no high with CBD. If you want to make it at home, then here are some of the things that you will need:

Making your own CBD oil at home – equipment

  • Good quality hemp or cannabis
  • Oil of choice
  • An infuser
  • Baking sheet
  • Cheesecloth
  • Thermometer
  • large pot
  • coffee filters

There are a couple of methods that are more popular to use when making CBD oil at home. All of the methods involve two important steps, decarboxylation and infusion. This might sound complicated, but decarboxylation is the process of heating the dried cannabis flowers or hemp to activate the right compounds within it. Heat is the best way to do this to really get the benefit of your CBD oil.

The infusion step is all about releasing the activated compounds once they have been heated, into your carrier oil or other liquid like alcohol.

If you want to precisely heat your CBD to be ideal for your homemade oil, using a decarboxylator is a good idea. This is a piece of equipment that helps to keep a precise temperature, helping to activate the compounds. Of course, you can use a thermometer in your pot to do this, but it will be trickier to maintain a constant temperature. There are costs upfront to getting a decarboxylator, but it could be worth it long-term if you plan to make a lot of CBD oil over time.

Without using equipment like a decarboxylator, then you should bake the hemp or the cannabis flowers using your baking sheets. The best temperature is 280° F for around one hour to activate the hemp or cannabis. To make CBD oil with no THC in it, which is traditional, using hemp is the best option as there are only trace amounts, if any, THC. Hemp is a good choice if you want a way to make CBD oil more potent.

Oil method

CBD bonds well with oils. Additionally, CBD oils are easy to use. You could use any oil of choice, from coconut oil to olive oil to even using ghee (the oil you use will impact the taste of the end product).

Once your hemp or cannabis has been activated, either in an oven or using a decarboxylator, it is time for infusion. If you are using a decarboxylator, then with nearly a cup of oil, start the infusion with the machine. If you are using your own equipment, then add the hemp or cannabis to a large pot from the baking sheets. Add just less than a cup of your chosen oil, and let it combine and infuse together using a low heat for approximately two hours. It is important to keep an eye on the temperature as getting it above 200° F when it infuses can damage the cannabinoids.

When this is done, the liquid mixture needs to cool thoroughly. Then you can use a cheesecloth (or a sieve) to strain it and then store it in glass jars. You can keep it in an air-tight container for up to a year.

There you have it, it really is as simple as that to make your own CBD oil from home.