How to Use CBD for Anxiety

CBD and Anxiety

How to Use CBD for Anxiety

Consumers use CBD for various reasons, among the primary ones being anxiety. Although there’s only limited research on CBD’s ability to reduce anxiety levels, it sets the hope for many researchers and people dealing with the condition.

National Institute on Drug Abuse says that CBD can reduce stress in animals such as rats and relieve symptoms such as increased heart rate. In addition, a 2019 study found that CBD capsules paired with traditional counseling helped patients with PTSD reduce their symptoms.

According to The CBD Insider 2019 US CBD Consumer Report, 50% of consumers took CBD for relaxation, and 78.9% reported it as effective. So, if you are about to begin your CBD journey and try one of the trending cannabidiol products to relieve stress and anxiety, you probably wonder how to use CBD for this. The steps below can help use CBD for anxiety and drive desired results.

Choose the Proper Product

Thanks to the immense popularity of CBD, now it’s available in various forms ranging from CBD oils to edibles, vape products, softgels, skincare, and even bath products.

One of the crucial aspects determining whether CBD will drive desired outcomes and help you relieve anxiety is the product you choose. Unless your anxiety is due to discomfort or a skin condition, it’s better to ingest CBD to allow it to work internally and interact with the endocannabinoid receptors in the immune system and brain.

Oral CBD products include:

  • CBD oils and tinctures
  • CBD softgels
  • CBD edibles

The primary difference between these is the taste, administration method, and the time they take to deliver results.

Taste – CBD oils vs. Tinctures vs. Softgels vs. Gummies

CBD oil with no other ingredients usually has an earthy bitter taste. On the other hand, tinctures combine CBD oil with other natural ingredients to mask its natural taste and provide a more flavorful CBD experience. CBD softgels are entirely tasteless, and you won’t experience any flavor while swallowing them. CBD edibles, most commonly CBD gummies, offer a delicious and fun method for consumption with different delicious flavors.

Administration Method and Results

Oral products offer unique administration methods. CBD oils and tinctures are the most versatile products and will allow you to add CBD to any food and drink or take them sublingually. The sublingual administration method provides the fastest results and the most bioavailability out of all CBD oral administration methods. Thus, sublingual CBD products like CBD tincture are perfect if you’re searching for a product with fast results and better absorption.

CBD softgels only require you to swallow by placing them on the tip of your tongue and sipping water. Although convenient, they might take longer to take effect than tinctures, as softgels first need to go through the digestive tract before CBD makes its way to the bloodstream. If you want to try softgels but don’t want to wait around for CBD to kick in, try nano-emulsified CBD softgels.

With CBD edibles, you need no more than indulge in delicious snacks and gummies. But, like softgels, they take longer to provide results than sublingual CBD oil.

Incorporate CBD Into Your Routine

CBD may not provide instant relief, but before you jump to conclusions, use it for at least a week and wait for CBD to build up in your system. When using CBD for anxiety, it’s best to make it a daily habit. Taking CBD every day is safe and will help CBD provide the best effects.

Determine Your Daily Dosage

The daily dosage it takes to experience expected outcomes varies across consumers, and there’s no universal dosage that fits everyone. The dosage of CBD for anxiety depends on the severity of stress and individual factors like body chemistry, weight, and metabolism. Ideally, you should start with a smaller dosage of around 10-20 mg per day and increase the intake until you start experiencing the difference.

Find a Reliable Product

CBD is now mainstream, and its market is overcrowded with high-quality products and low-grade ones. Low-quality CBD will not drive the intended results and might even put your health at risk by exposing you to toxic elements like solvent residues, heavy metals, or pesticides. These products may not even feature the indicated amount of CBD and be ineffective. For best results, it’s essential to find a high-quality product to use CBD for anxiety successfully. Shop from reputable CBD retailers and check third-party lab test results to confirm the quality and safety of the CBD product you are about to buy.

To Recap:

Many people are setting hopes on CBD to help with various conditions, including anxiety. More than 50% of CBD consumers have already tried CBD products for relaxation, and 78.9% reported it as an effective ingredient. If you want to try it yourself, the steps above will help you choose the right product and use CBD for anxiety to drive the best result.