Indoor Activities to Try with Family During Winter

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Indoor Activities to Try with Family During Winter

The winter season has descended on us once again, and it almost feels like the world is reforming itself, returning to a state of normalcy and peace. Of course, some days you’ll want to enjoy the cooler weather, but on others, you’ll find that staying indoors is a better option. So on those particularly brisk days where you and your loved ones decide to stay indoors, here are the top 12 things you and your family can do inside!

12: Scavenger Hunt

You might think at this point that you and your family know the inside of the house better than your own names, but nothing throws a new perspective on things like a scavenger hunt. It’s a good excuse for your children to run around the house, it’s a fun game in and of itself, and if you’re particularly crafty, you can trick the kids into finding that thing that you definitely didn’t lose because you’re a responsible adult and you don’t lose things.

11: Bake Some Cookies

Santa does not have a monopoly on getting to eat cookies. So grab a baking sheet and some cookie dough and let your kids in on the secret to making those delicious little chocolatey (or sugary, or peanut buttery, or raisiny if you’re that kind of parent) circles.

10: Read Other Holiday Stories/Traditions

Listen, A Christmas Carol is great. We love Scrooge. We love that jolly fellow with a jelly belly. We are all about those pointed ears and red-nosed fauna. But we live in a more connected age, don’t we? There are other cool stories out there about the holidays, so let’s start the cultural exchange by learning about other holiday traditions!

For example, did you know that in Sweden, they have a tradition of writing little limericks on the wrapping of the presents to hint at what’s inside? That’s pretty cool, honestly.

9: Write a New Christmas Song Together

There are approximately fifteen billion songs about Christmas, and we all know every single one of them by heart whether we want to or not. But…! This one is yours. This can either be a collaborative project or a competition to see whose song better portrays the season’s spirit. It’s a fun and creative challenge!

8: Make a Blanket Fort

Ah yes, the blanket fort. A childhood activity that transcends generations (we’re pretty sure ancient Egyptians did this, too — don’t quote us on that, though). It even transcends childhood itself if you’re willing to allow yourself the simple yet magical pleasure. So curl up inside and watch some… hang on, we’re getting ahead of ourselves.

7: Watch the Classics

Continuing the train of thought from number eight, you can curl up with the family inside the blanket fort you made and watch some classic movies that you love but your kids may have never heard of. There may be a few like Casablanca that you’ve never gotten a chance to watch, and you could all experience together.

6: Hot Cocoa

This doesn’t need explaining, right? It’s hot cocoa. It’s a no-brainer for the holidays and through winter. Moving on.

5: Cold Cocoa (Make Chocolates)

We suppose you could make candy canes and mints, but getting to say “cold cocoa” after “hot cocoa” was too satisfying to pass up. Anyway, there are plenty of recipes online for making candies, and other winter-time treats you and your family can create together. So why not try this peppermint crunch puppy chow that we absolutely adore?

4: Roast Some Marshmallows

It’s getting colder, so let’s do like the cavemen did and get a fire going! If you don’t have any safe spot to do bonfires, though, you could always put them in the oven for a few minutes.

3: Holiday-Themed Jigsaw Puzzle

There are many “make something together” items on this list, but this one might stand out to a few people because it isn’t nearly as potentially messy, and it tends to last longer than treats do. So huddle around a table, spread out the pieces, and get to solving!

2: Write Letters

The fact that no one sends letters anymore is what gives the art of letter writing its charm! They could be addressed to Santa, to loved ones, or if you’re feeling cheeky, to each other. This could even be a great way to reconnect with seniors and loved ones you’ve lost touch with through the pandemic. Some nursing homes are also encouraging people to send in postcards and holiday cards for their residents.

1: Thankfulness Talk

Time to get a little sappy. As the holidays are all about positive feelings and plenty, it’s a good idea to gather around the hearth and have a chat about what caused those feelings — to be thankful for what you have and bask in the spirit of the season.