Indoor Exercises to Stay Fit During Winter

Indoor Exercises to Stay Fit During Winter

You know, bears hibernate during the winter. In order to survive without a lot of food to forage for, they stockpile and eat a bunch and then go to sleep for long, long periods so as not to expend energy that would require nutritional fuel.

Basically, we’re saying that exercise junkies are stronger and have more willpower than bears. So put that on a shirt.

Instead of simply sleeping the months away like a bunch of layabouts, we’ve decided to keep the blood pumping, keep the muscles taut, and keep up the good work. However, doing it outdoors might not look particularly enjoyable or a good idea in general for multiple reasons. So, to ensure we don’t get rusty, here are some indoor exercises you can do while the snowfalls.

Stair Climb

One of the simplest and easiest ones to do around the house! Even if you don’t have a set of stairs in the house, you can still do this exercise. If your house is not equipped with stairs, many household objects are stair-height and won’t break when you step on them (cinder blocks, crates, etc.)

But if you do have stairs, then what luck you’re in! Simply walking up and down the stairs is a great workout for your legs and improves your cardio. If you feel feisty, you can try jogging up and down those stairs!

High Knees

If you’d rather focus on stretches and balance, then you can do some high knees! The idea is simple:

  1. Raise one leg high in front of you, put your hands around your knee, and pull that knee close to your chest.
  2. Hold it there for a few seconds, then put it down and do the same to your other knee.
  3. Repeat until you’re satisfied that your legs are good and stretched.

Of course, if you’re not fully confident in your balancing abilities, you might need something to lean on while one-legged. Thankfully, you can easily use a wall to lean against, whether you’re inside or outside.

Lunges and Side-Lunges

Another leg-specific exercise, sure, but your legs have the largest muscle! Also, lunges don’t require any equipment, so they’re more convenient than stair-running. All you need is a floor!

Lunges are a bit more strenuous. To do them, clasp your hands behind your head and take one big step forward (or to the side, if you’re doing a side-lunge). Next, bend that leg’s knee until the leg is bent at roughly a 90-degree angle, and hold that position for about ten seconds. Again, if you’re doing a side-lunge, it should be the opposite leg that you’re bending to the one you’ve stretched out.

Jumping Jacks

You know what these are, right? Start by standing straight with your legs together and your arms by your side. Then jump and land with all your limbs spread out (you’ll look like a big star). Then, jump again, and go back to being straight. There’s a reason we all did them in PE as a kid. These are simple but effective, and they hit multiple muscles.

If you really want to take your workout up a notch, incorporate a burpee into your jumping jacks! Jump into the star and then back straight again, then drop to the ground and do a push-up. After that, it’s just stand up and repeat until you can’t take it anymore.

Jump Rope

Speaking of exercises we did as kids. The jump rope is a fun choice.

If you’re someone a bit more child-like at heart or someone who needs an extra dose of adrenaline to get you through the routine, jumping rope is not a bad choice at all. However, it’s essentially a game in and of itself, so go ahead and challenge yourself to a certain number of consecutive rope swings!

It’s also a lot harder than you remember — there’s a reason Rocky is soaked in sweat when he’s skipping in the montage!


Alright, that’s enough leg exercises. It’s time to bulk up the guns, as it were. Once again, we have a pretty solid and pretty straightforward exercise routine. Lay face down with your palms on the floor, body flat against it. Now straighten your arms to lift your body. Be sure to keep your waist locked so that your back and legs stay straight. Once fully extended, bend your arms and lower your body down as far as possible, then repeat the exercise.


Let’s muscle up and slim down those abs while we’re at it, shall we? To do sit-ups:

  1. Sit down on the floor with your legs bent so that your knees reach for the ceiling.
  2. Let the rest of your body rest on the floor, hands behind your head.
  3. Bend your torso up so that your chin is on a collision course with your knees.

Once you sit up as far as possible, slowly lower your back down to the floor. Repeat this exercise as many times as you can. Remember, posture matters doing sit-ups — you should not feel any strain in your neck while doing them. If you do, stop, re-position yourself and try again.

We hope you enjoy these simple exercises that will keep you fit during the winter while our friends in the forest are hibernating.