Looking Forward to Spring

Melting Ice

Looking Forward to Spring

The snow will melt, the clouds will clear, and springtime will arrive. It’ll come sooner than you think. The best way to take advantage of the soon-to-come warmer weather is to plan. Even if you’re not a Type A planner like me, you don’t want to miss the birth of another summer trapped in your regular routines missing life.

Take advantage of the excitement of another summer. Shed the weight of recent events, turn your face to the sun, and embrace the moment. Like Ed Sheeran says, “there’s nothing be the space we’re in,” so live in this moment and pursue the warmth.

The Stuff That’s Not Necessarily Outdoors

Maybe you heard all that talk about the sun and got a secondhand sunburn. But, there are still many ways to seize the moment and embrace the right now for the indoor cats. It’s fair to say that the conditions are more manageable inside. So what are some things we get to look forward to in spring while still staying inside?

Well, the internet has us covered about three-quarters of the way already. New shows are coming out on almost all available streaming channels this spring, such as Moon Knight (Disney Plus) and another season of Bridgerton (Netflix). Aside from TV, books can be purchased and read on devices like the Kindle or Nook.

During all this craziness, the gaming industry has been positively booming, and there’s been no shortage of outstanding titles to dive into now if you haven’t already!

Even if you aren’t what they’d call a gamer, there are plenty of games out there for your phone, as well as on any computer. And more are coming all of the time! If you’re the puzzle-lover, then Hex, Flow, and Monument Valley are excellent additions to your phone, while Portal (1 and 2) and Opus Magnum are games for PC that will test your mental mettle. For those looking for a calmer experience, Stardew Valley (for phone and computer) is a must-have! If you’re looking for something new in video games, there’s always the family-friendly release in April of LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga. Maybe you’re looking for something a little more adult-like Vampire: The Masquerade – Swansong, out in May. You could even try a classic editor’s choice game like The Witcher 3 to dive into a story that’s been told in books and on Netflix alike.

Springtime Outdoor Fun!

But what if it’s just gnawing at your craw that you can’t experience that delightful spring breeze? What if you’ve been starved of it for too long, and it’s not getting away from you this time? Well, good news: there’s plenty of outside to be had!

Festivals are once again showing up around the country. The world-famous Jazz Fest lineup in New Orleans has been announced, and the event will run from April 29 through May 8. In addition, Coachella will be back in 2022 with Rage Against the Machine and Swedish House Mafia headlining. The festival runs from April 15 – 17 and April 22 – 24 in Indio, California. So you can expect that concerts, festivals, and all kinds of outdoor activities will be back with a vengeance this spring.

Perhaps this is the year you finally go on a hiking trip or go camping out in the wilderness? Maybe you’ve made a New Year’s Resolution to be more physically active, and you think a daily jog in the cool breeze is just the thing you need to kick it into high gear. National Park Week 2022 begins Saturday, April 16, and ends on Sunday, April 24. For thrifty adventurers, national parks are free on the first day of National Park Week (April 16), so don’t miss out on an adventure that’ll soften the blow on your wallet.

What if you want the outdoors but don’t need the muscle strain? Then a road trip might be in order! Once the ice is off the road, you can travel to the best places in the country in relative safety and ease.

Speaking of road trips, this spring is going to be a great time to get out and visit with those friends and relatives you have been putting off seeing for the past two years. So spring is a perfect time to get out there and spend some long-needed time with your loved ones.

We’re optimistic about the upcoming spring, and we look forward to the fresh air, sunshine, and fun activities that we’ve been missing out on for far too long. Take advantage of Spring 2022!