CBD in Skincare: What to Mix and What to Avoid

CBD Skincare

CBD in Skincare: What to Mix and What to Avoid

Even if you aren’t a big skincare enthusiast, you may have already heard about CBD. Nowadays, millions of Americans use this popular cannabis-derived ingredient in their wellness routines and even add it to their morning coffee.

Why CBD in Skincare?

CBD in skincare is exciting, promising, and intriguing. Scientists report about CB1 and CB2 receptors under the skin that serve as a passage to our ECS system and might affect various skin conditions.

CBD through topical application works in a targeted, localized area rather than traveling through the bloodstream to deliver results from within. Hence, it’s a better solution for those consumers who want to target specific body areas like the face.

CBD’s many effects on the skin are yet to be revealed by science, but more than 11% of CBD consumers are already using it to deal with various skin conditions or boost overall skin health.

Choosing CBD Skincare Products

Seeing so many people around using CBD and stores filled with trendy CBD products will make you want to try it. You are now probably wondering how to use CBD oil for the skin, what ingredients to mix it with, and what to avoid. CBD market is a crowded place, so once you decide to choose the product to add to your skincare routine, you might come across some low-grade products along with high-quality ones.

Shop for Transdermal CBD Products

CBD oral products and CBD skincare products significantly differ from one another. The best way to add CBD to your skincare routine is to choose transdermal CBD products rather than oral CBD products like CBD oil tinctures that belong into your bloodstream. CBD products designed for topical application, also known as CBD topicals, feature numerous other ingredients besides CBD that boost its absorption into the skin. They also contain other natural ingredients to help with skin conditions like inflammation.

Avoid Low-Grade CBD

Unfortunately, not all CBD is of the same quality. Some products come with unwanted ingredients like harsh chemicals, pesticides, or residual solvents, all negatively impacting your skin. So, it’s not merely about acquiring CBD but finding a high-quality product and avoiding buying low-grade CBD. The best way to do this is to only shop for products that come with third-party lab-test results. Independent laboratories can confirm the purity and potency of a product and that it’s free from components harmful to your skin.

Avoid Allergens

Although CBD does sound exciting, it won’t be a fun experience using CBD onto your skin if it features ingredients that provoke an allergic reaction in you. These ingredients will vary across consumers. Carefully read the list of ingredients before buying CBD topical products to see if any can trigger unwanted allergic reactions.

Common skin allergens in cosmetics include parabens, fragrances, metals, and formaldehyde. Check third-party lab test results to ensure no such ingredients are in your CBD product.

What to Mix?

If you wish to make DIY CBD masks, face scrubs, or moisturizers, you might wonder which ingredients go best with CBD oil to use on your skin or even which other natural ingredients to look for in topical products you buy at the store.

Lavender Oil

Lavender oil is a superstar of essential oils for skin health. You’ll see various CBD topicals combining lavender oil with CBD. Lavender oil offers numerous benefits for the skin and can work well with CBD to provide the best results for clean and glowing skin. In addition, it can reduce redness, inflammation, and help heal wounds.

Lemon Juice

CBD coupled with lemon juice works well to fight acne scars or dark spots, as the latter is known to help lighten the skin. Besides, lemon juice is rich in vitamin C, which helps slow down skin aging.

Greek Yogurt

To exfoliate your skin, you can mix CBD with Greek yogurt. It contains lactic acid, a natural compound beneficial to fighting wrinkles and fine lines, and might also tighten your skin pores.

Olive Oil

When looking for extra moisture, you can combine CBD with olive oil. It is a rich source of essential vitamins and antioxidants necessary for skin health. It might also help slow down skin aging and revert sun damage.

Brown sugar

Brown sugar is an excellent ingredient for DIY CBD face scrubs. It helps exfoliate the skin, prevent acne, and give your skin a natural glow.

Coconut Oil

When searching for a combo to help clear your skin CBD and coconut oil are great. Coconut may help reduce inflammation while keeping the skin moisturized and help boost wound healing. In addition, the medium-chain fatty acids in coconut oil have antimicrobial properties that might be beneficial when dealing with acne and protecting the skin from harmful bacteria.

In Conclusion

CBD is a popular ingredient in skincare; however, you should avoid buying low-grade products that might contain harsh chemicals and pesticides detrimental to your skin. Also, ensure these products don’t contain ingredients you are allergic to or can cause irritation. Depending on your goals for DIY moisturizers, scrubs, or face masks, you can mix CBD with various natural ingredients like lavender essential oil, lemon juice, greek yogurt, olive oil, brown sugar, or coconut oil.