Staying Energetic with CBD as the Days Get Shorter


Staying Energetic with CBD as the Days Get Shorter

It’s the most depressing time of the year! The sun is going down way too fast, way too early. You get up in darkness and finish work in darkness, and spend your day surrounded by the dark and cold. It wouldn’t surprise anyone if your mood took a dive. When the days are shorter and darker, you want to curl up in bed and hibernate. But, hey, if it’s good enough for the bears, it’s good for you.

But that would make for a short article, so let’s not do that. Instead, let’s try and take back that energy, get those muscles moving, and get some of that delicious motivation back — with the help of CBD, of course.

Indoors or Outdoors

One of the most important mechanics of energy is activity. The less active you are in your day-to-day life, the less energy your body will produce for you. It only makes sense, as otherwise, all of that energy goes to waste on couch-sitting, a very non-energetic activity. So if you commit to being more active, you are rewarded with energy for your trouble.

But how is one supposed to stay active when they’re cooped up in their house all day? There’s a bunch of different ways to do it, and fortunately for you, we’ve got a few right here for your consideration!

If you’ve got stairs at your place, you can hike yourself up and down them a few times. If not, you can make your own stair by simply finding a secure stool low enough to the ground to act as a stair. From there, step up on the stool with your right foot, tap it with your left, step down so both feet are back on the ground, and repeat with your left foot. Continue alternating that way until you’ve worked up a good sweat.

If you have a nice and relatively open space to work with, you can do stuff like jumping jacks, push-ups, sit-ups, and other exercises that don’t require anything but yourself and a floor. But if bodyweight exercises aren’t your speed, then the next best thing would be Yoga or Tai Chi. Even something as simple as bending down to touch your toes can start the juices flowing.

Maybe space is tight at home, or you feel self-conscious with the whole family watching you work out. If you live in a big neighborhood, or the middle of nowhere, or somewhere you can go out for a jog and feel relatively safe? Then, go for a jog or walk! It doesn’t have to be anything too fancy and strenuous. All you need is a pair of good shoes and a good enough idea of where you’re going. Then, enjoy the scenery and breath in the fresh air. It is biologically proven that fresh air and sunlight will put you in a better mood.

The Part Where We Talk About CBD

Did you know that CBD topicals are good for bodily discomfort? So after you finish your exercises, if you’ve got some specific areas that are having trouble recovering, just rub some CBD salve or balm on the area.

Dry skin during the winter might also be contributing to the blues because you may not be looking your best, or you’re itchy. Of course, no one feels good when they’re itchy. That’s where CBD lotions and creams can help with skin irritation and dryness. Not only will the CBD in the lotion help your damaged skin, but the additional ingredients in the lotion will also go to work to make your skin supple and vibrant.

On top of all of that, it might just be a good idea to take some of that CBD oil, too, if you’re going to be out there exerting yourself. One of the benefits of CBD is that it helps induce homeostasis, which is a fancy way of saying that it regulates and evens out all of your body’s natural processes. As you can imagine, this equilibrium is a good thing to have when you’re stretching and jogging and getting the blood pumping in general!

And let’s not forget a good night’s sleep. Getting the proper amount of rest will go a long way to giving you energy the next day. Not only can CBD help with that too, but you can also find CBD products that include Melatonin for additional help in getting to sleep.