Using CBD to Help with Mental Health During the Winter

Using CBD to Help with Mental Health During the Winter

There’s never a good time to experience mental health struggles, but recent events have brought many to the forefront. While we’re halfway through another troubling winter, you may be facing challenges that come from the low light, lack of fresh air, inability to socialize properly, or other winter-caused issues.

Regardless of the reasons you’re facing these challenges, it’s starting to feel as cold inside as it is outside. So it’s time to buckle up and take charge of what’s entering your brain because maybe it feels like another gust of wind could send your mental health house of cards toppling down. So, in the spirit of recovery and prevention, let’s get into some tried and true mental health practices and then sprinkle some CBD oil in there like you’d sprinkle it in cookie dough.

The One Silver Lining

If there’s one thing that recent events have given us a fantastic excuse for, it’s spending time by yourself. Whether you’re a fan of canceling plans or not, more than a few have gotten the ax, and you have spent more hours on your own.

This can be good news if you’re a classical introvert but torturous for extroverts. Even so, there is still a bit of a silver gleam that highlights this dark and dreary cloud: solitude makes for prime introspective time.

One of the most important aspects of general emotional and mental regulation is checking in with yourself. Checking in with yourself means essentially stopping for a minute and figuring out how you’re feeling. To beginners, this sounds like nothing. “What’s the alternative, not knowing how you feel? Wouldn’t you know that by feeling?” But the issue here is that most of our attention is naturally drawn to anywhere but the self, especially in the fast-paced realm of modern life. Have you ever been so involved in working on a project that you forgot to eat and didn’t notice you were starving until an hour or so after the first stomach growl? This is the same principle, but for emotions.

How can CBD help with all of that? Well, in general terms, CBD products are pretty handy at stabilizing one’s mood. It, in turn, stabilizes the flow of thoughts because the white-water rapids of panic are no longer propelling them, or they aren’t slowed to a crawl in the bogs of depression. It can help one actually detect their real feelings on the subject, presented as they are on more or less neutral grounds.

The Body Is The Mind Is The Body

Physical health is an important factor in mental health, as it turns out. It can easily be seen in how things have played out during lockdown. Being stuck in one place and not moving around too much seems to have contributed to the widespread feeling of unease and anxiety. Plus, physical activity releases endorphins, which are handy little neurotransmitters that, in purely scientific terms, make you feel good.

We aren’t going to get that as easily in the gym for a little while longer, so during this period, you should seriously consider trying out some at-home exercise regimens. It’s not that hard, either. If you have a set of stairs, walk up and down them a bit more than normal. If you’ve got a soft patch of floor, do some stretches and in-place jogging. If you have weights or anything heavy enough to suffice, lift them. There’s a load of things you can do to make sure you’re getting a good dose of feel-good by exercising!

Wouldn’t you know it, but CBD can also help in that aspect! When CBD enters your system, it puts your body into something called homeostasis, a state where most things are naturally balanced—balanced in body, balanced in mind! This, of course, can have some pretty positive effects on the body, especially when there’s an exercise to be done. So if you’re more the get-up-and-go type, you’ll definitely want to sprinkle some CBD into your diet.

The bottom line in all of this is to take care of yourself this new year. A lot is going on, and in turn, there’s a lot you’re going to have to do to handle yourself through all this. So, if the winter weather has exacerbated or created some mental health challenges for you, it may be that adding CBD to your daily regimen could help to give you the edge you need to keep those issues under control.