Incredible Biomedical Technologies Changing Healthcare

Over the years the technology has developed every field which existed before and has opened up new fields for technology to grow further. These advancements have benefited society massively in lifestyle, research, and medical innovations. The Biomedical technologies have been doing things which seemed impossible only a decade ago. Today there are miracles happening at a global level due to the access to such biomedical technologies. Here are the top three biomedical technologies which revolutionized healthcare around the world.

3D Bioprinting

3D Bioprinting is one of the most interesting and amazing technology at present. It is similar to standard 3D printing but uses high tech and high precision equipment and computer blueprints to create 3D materials. But what truly makes bioprinters magical is the capability of printing living human tissues. Bioprinting uses bio-ink, which is formed with cultured cells of the specific tissue which is required to be printed. These bio-inks can combine and support the real human tissues in care of the requirement of counterparts. Technology is still under the development phase and requires more attention from the governments to take its full shape. Right now bio printers can only create small tissue transplants. It is said to create entire organs from scratch in the near future, which can solve the problem of organ transplants.

Surgical Robots

Surgical Robots

Biomedical technology, just like any other technology is interested in making robots which can do a more precise job than the best surgeons in the world. The first surgical robot was introduced in 2000 as da Vinci. It was capable of stitching delicate body parts with precision and no damage and pain to the body. Since then, robot technology has been used in biomedical innovations around the world and has become an integral part of modern surgical toolkits. Although they are still guided by highly trained human surgeons, the results have been ground breaking to create well executed results. Today the robot technology is used to perform small tasks under strict supervision.

3D Medical Imaging

The technologies like X-rays and CT scans have been present from a very early time and had been milestoned in the field of medicine. There are even more imaging technologies like DXA scans, Sonograms, and MRIs which are available today to provide a better picture of the problems that people are dealing with. But newer technologies are getting introduced to create 3D images using scanning technologies. The computers are becoming more and more capable of creating and rendering 3D images which is giving the surgeons and specialists a broader idea of what they are dealing with. Scientists are now able to create interactive representations of tissues and organs using virtual technology and 3D image rendering. It can help the doctors to explain the treatment processes to patients in a better way. It is also said to be a step towards curing and preventing diseases such as cancer by finding the early symptoms in 3D models.